Laser Treatments

Stop shaving and waxing and try laser hair removal to reduce hair permanently. The Vectus uses the latest laser technology to remove unwanted hair from all your problem areas..


Laser Hair Reduction 6 Session Packages:  

Small Area: $225

Includes: Upper Lip, Chin, Navel, Sideburns, Widows Peak, Ears, Jawline, Bikini Line

Medium Area: $350 

Includes: Full Beard, Brazlilian, Lower Face (Jawline, Chin and Upper Lip

Large Area: $475 

Includes: Abdomen, Forearm, Upper Arm, Lower Leg +

Full Brazilian w/ Peri A, Buttocks, Upper Back, Lower Back, T-shirt Back, Chest, Full Face 

XL Area: $650 

Includes: Full Arm, Full Leg w/Toes, Full Back 

(Treatments are done every four weeks for optimal results) 


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